• Are you an Elder Care Consultant?

    Are you helping families manage their health care needs, plan for the financial and physical logistics of adequately caring for seniors

  • Are you a health and human services specialist?

    Do you act as a guide and advocate for families who are caring for older relatives or disabled adults?

  • Create your circle of care today.

    CYAMA is a iOS mobile application that allows eldercare consultants to coordinate care with their clients.

  • Take care of your loved ones.

    Spend more more time providing care, not coordinating and communicating with a chaotic network of Friends & Family.

  • Easier. Faster. Worry Free.

    CYAMA replaces frequent and time-consuming phone calls, individual emails, and text messages that burden a Primary Caregiver.

  • Instant.

    CYAMA facilitates real-time communication between group members who have a connection to a single loved one.

  • Color coded.

    Green/Amber/Red “Status Light” feature, simplifies the messaging.

  • Ease of Mind. Secure.

    A Circle of Care eases the communication burden on primary caregivers while delivering a privacy option for the most sensitive of issues.

What people say:

“CYAMA takes the stress out of communicating when faced with an emotional time.”

– Ldk52291, App Store Review

“With family members spread far and wide these days, this is a great way to keep everyone close.”

– JJEETT16, App Store Review

“Keeping track of our divorced octogenarian parents can be quite a chore. Finding this app makes all of that a breeze.”

– chesh541, App Store Review

“This app has the potential to change the lives of millions of people… I would recommend it!”

– Spasticgranpa, App Store Review

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